Marketing Matters. Don't leave it to chance.

Branding and positioning strategies that capture your unique value.
Unique ways to connect with the issues that matter to your customers.


Clarifying, refining, and optimizing your positioning statement is at the heart of effective marketing.

Through research and workshops, coupled with many years of positioning experience, we’ll help you craft the best possible story.

A great market position intersects your product, company, and customers to carve out a unique, differentiated value proposition.

When you need the story told clearly and simply, we can help. With many years of writing experience from product training, to brochures, to book-length technical resources, we’ve done it all.

With a background in English Literature as well as deep technology industry experience, no product or company is too complex, no story too difficult to tell.

We have carried out brand research and developed strategies for companies in many industries, from automotive to semiconductors, from software design to product design.

We also have a portfolio of non-profit clients who have allowed us to help define and build their brand. With the greater emphasis on multi-dimensional branding – print, online, and social media – a clear and effective brand strategy is more important than ever.

Tim has the ability to understand complex issues extremely quickly, and to make them understandable to others. His clear thinking and wide experience have been very helpful to us in developing a stronger marketing strategy and message. He is also a fluent and effective writer, helping us to tell our story in a simpler and more compelling way.
Tim is a true Renaissance Man. He is gifted in Art and Architecture, Music, Science, History, and Business Acumen. All of his talents coalesce to make him a deeply profound individual with great skills and insight. It is my pleasure to know him.
I had the pleasure to work with Tim on marketing and strategy projects on multiple occasions. Recently, Tim helped our team focus the positioning of a multifaceted product. His facilitation skills were a hit with our team: he was able to rapidly integrate and synthesize the ideas of many people, effectively. I look forward to working with Tim in future projects.
“Tim is one of the best people I have seen who can think of long term strategies while not forgetting about the realities of what can be achieved - a rare combination in purely strategic thinkers. He is also a superb communicator and team lead. He can communicate effectively and comfortable at many levels (engineers, middle managers, and executives) and via several media (written, presentation, face-to-face dialog, etc.). Most importantly, Tim is a pleasure to work with. With Tim, even the hardest situations become "fun" challenges to work through.”
“Tim was the lead on an international event with which my team lent our expertise and assistance. While working onsite during the high-stress weeks preceeding this event, I found Tim to be very supportive of the work his team was responsible for. His strategic and creative sides are most evident, as well as his understanding of the tactical side of marketing programs. The program was a collaborative success. It was a pleasure doing business with him.”
I have had the pleasure of collaborating with Tim on a few corporate initiatives in the past year. Tim is a very positive person. I can't remember being in a meeting with him and not be thoroughly engaged or enjoying myself. Even when we were mostly disagreeing. Additionally, Tim has an innate ability to make even the most complex concepts easy to understand and make people his well wishers. That served us well when a cross-functional team comprising of Cadence's thought leaders, with strong opinions and big egos, was brought together to propose key compenents of a key strategic thrust. That proposal was well received and is in early stages of execution with one huge sales success already, during this past quarter. I look forward to collaborating with Tim again, in the near future.