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Case Studies

Each of the stories below describes a different kind of engagement that delivered a significant impact to a client. You can find more information on our client set here.

Herman Miller

Herman Miller’s Resolve product had all the characteristics of complexity and a paradigm shift in its category.

Our task was to identify launch-related challenges and propose solutions that would maximize the impact of the product launch and minimize the risk.

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Studio Red

Studio RED competes in close proximity to some of the biggest names in product design.

In order to sustain and grow the business, real differentiation was required to avoid the trap of selling services based on price.

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First-Penn Pacific Life Insurance

First-Penn Pacific, now part of the Lincoln Financial Group, developed a truly innovative insurance product, that could offer a mix of investment return, death benefit, and most importantly long-term care benefits.

The challenge was to sell the product to prospects who didn’t want to think about illness and the aging process.

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